12 May 2011

This EEPSEA study from the Philippines investigates erosion in one of the country's more developed coastal regions. It finds that this coastline is vulnerable to the impact of erosion and that, if nothing is done, the problem will cause hundreds of millions of pesos worth of damage. It also finds that a planned protection strategy is the most rational approach to adopt. Such a strategy is socially and politically acceptable, justifiable from an economic perspective and also preserves the area's beaches along with the social services they provide.

11 May 2011

A review of agency reports shows that there are several institutional barriers to mainstreaming climate change adaptation into poverty reduction efforts. Current attention to climate change in development agencies, development policies, projects and programmes is low. A link to poverty reduction is also missing: where mentioned, climate change is mainly framed as a question of mitigation and largely as an environmental issue, not as a development concern.

01 Feb 2011

This report makes recommendations around the future of climate change investments to ensure that they benefit the poorest and most vulnerable people living in rural areas.

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01 Feb 2011

Videos from the Philippine province of Albay discussing climate change, adaptation, and disaster management, featuring Albay governor Joey Salceda.

View video 1: Intro to Albay, Philippines and its DRR/CCA Initiative and Partnerships
View video 2: CCA, and Areas of Investment


14 Dec 2010

While most of the work of the greentech sector is focused on mitigation technologies that can reduce carbon emissions, from clean power to energy efficiency, given that this latest agreement will not prevent the rise of global temperatures within the range that scientists say is needed (though it made some progress on other key issues), perhaps it’s time for those in the greentech industry to start betting that adaption will one day be a hot market.


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