23 Mar 2012

Bursts of torrential rain lash the idyllic white beaches of the Seychelles, where conservationists fear that rare species such as the giant tortoise are at severe risk from climate change. As changing season patterns bring harsher storms and much longer dry spells, international organizations are helping fight climate change in the tiny nation, the only one in the world where 50 percent of the land is a nature reserve.

23 Mar 2012

Having attended both the first Asian Adaptation Forum in 2010 as well as the second this month, I am quite sure (based on my work on adaptation globally) that Asia leads the world on the practice, planning and knowledge generation of adaptation to climate change. I give a few examples below to demonstrate why this is so. Read more:

13 Mar 2012

The Asia-Pacific region needs to spend about $40 billion a year to climate proof" its economies against the impact of global warming, Asian Development Bank vice president Bindu Lohani said Monday. Countries need to undergo "transformational change" to build resilience to climate change disasters, Lohani told the Asia-Pacific Climate Change Adaptation Forum in Bangkok. Read more:"

05 Mar 2012

The small-scale farmers in Bolivia’s arid regions are very vulnerable to climate change. To meet the farmers’ needs and teach them new agricultural methods, the local authorities need to develop their capacity. This will be done through the threeyear project PROAGRO 2. Read more: