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01 Jun 2015

A long and brutal heat wave in India has killed at least 1,371 people — most of them in the last week — and shows no signs of abating. But how can a streak of hot weather cause such a devastating death toll?

21 May 2015

The environmental group Greenpeace in the Philippines is taking advantage of a scientific study by a U.S.-based climate analyst that identified several foreign companies as among the top emitters of carbon dioxide since the mid-18th century.

18 May 2015

National Centre for the Uplands conference hears the focus must return to sustainable profit from livestock in hill farming communities

18 May 2015

The world's chances of achieving new international development goals will be slim without more ambitious action to curb climate change, researchers say.

Pakistan, for example, is unlikely to be able to end poverty by 2030 if accelerating climate change brings worse weather disasters, water scarcity and other problems, a new report from the UK-based Climate and Development Knowledge Network said.

11 May 2015

Over the past 20 years, environmental, energy, and climate policies have been decided behind closed doors – with little input from the people who will be most affected by the outcome of the negotiations. Policy design has been driven by technocratic considerations that ignored or was simply uninterested in ordinary people’s priorities. As a result, clean air, renewable energy, and green spaces have all too often been sacrificed to the notion that environmentally friendly legislation increases costs and red tape for businesses and ultimately hurts the economy.