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20 Dec 2013

For years, researchers in a variety of sectors have known two key concepts about the intersection of poverty and the environment. The first is that unsustainable use of natural resources can and does cause poverty. The second is that poverty can, and does, cause environmental degradation.

12 Dec 2013

IS democracy good for the environment? Bhutan a small, landlocked kingdom perched in the Himalaya between China and India, and a recent convert to democracy is the latest test case.

Bhutan is best known for its official pursuit of Gross National Happiness, or “GNH” as everyone there calls it for short. Steeped in Buddhism, and ruled until recently by what can best be described as an enlightened monarchy, the country’s government operates under the philosophy that economic growth and other policies are but the means to an end that end being the contentment of its citizens.

12 Dec 2013

It has rich natural resources, it has a cool climate, it has pristine surrounding, dense woodlands and watersheds --- welcome to the Cordillera region, which is also ravaged by a scourge of poverty and the indigenous tribes remained stuck in their primitive ways.  

12 Dec 2013

With African Development Bank (AfDB) support, Burkina Faso has received an $11.5 million grant from the Climate Investment Funds' (CIF) Forest Investment Program (FIP) to undertake the Gazetted Forests Participatory Management Project for REDD+ to create critically needed transformation of 12 of its gazetted forests.

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09 Dec 2013
The UN climate negotiations in Warsaw witnessed a real victory for developing states with the establishment of a new mechanism on loss and damage. But now, say experts, the work really begins.


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