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22 Jan 2014

Creating healthy and sustainable food systems is key to overcome hunger and malnutrition around the globe, said Helena Semedo, FAO Deputy Director-General at the Green Week in Berlin today.

"Food production has tripled since 1945 and average food availability per person has risen by 40 percent," Semedo said at the Global Forum for Food and Agriculture 2014.

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22 Jan 2014

In order to sustain economic growth,  improve public health and reduce environmental impacts, East Asia’s cities need to address significant gaps in their sanitation services, according to two new World Bank reports released today. Substantial financing is needed to manage wastewater and septage that is generated by the urban population. According to some estimates, investment levels of at least US$250 per person are needed annually in the region over the next 15 years.

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20 Jan 2014

A collection of all six 1 World Manga titles in one comprehensive volume, Passages follows the adventures of Rei as he falls in love, gets attacked by a shark, rides an elephant, watches a man dig up a skeleton, solves the mystery of a lagoon with vanishing fish, is kidnapped by brutal mercenaries, exposes corrupt public officials, and even transforms into a girl—ewww! And, in the course of this graphic novel, Rei and his animal spirit guide encounter the depths of poverty, disease, global warming, warfare, discrimination, and corruption.

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17 Jan 2014

Typhoon Haiyan [Yolanda] destroyed many towns and communities in central Philippines left more than six thousand people dead and an estimated four million homeless. As the relief operation continues and those affected begin to pick up what's left of their lives, some of the survivors from the city of Tacloban talk about the tragedy and their hopes for the future.

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16 Jan 2014

Decades of humanitarian efforts, a massive earthquake, a country on a perpetual search for clean water. What will it take to get it right in Haiti?

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