13 Dec 2012

This USAID project focuses their efforts to combine sustainable livelihood generation, natural resource conservation and empowerment of women through the provision of clean cookstoves.


13 Dec 2012

One of the big debates at the 18th Conference of the Parties (COP18) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, which came to a close last week, revolved around the role of agriculture and whether to establish a separate agricultural work programme. The decision to set up a work programme has now been deferred – again. This is an opportunity to rethink the broader issues around climate change and agriculture.

15 Nov 2012

Every year around March 3, the villagers of Lukolela were prepared. They did what they could to protect their houses, stayed indoors, and waited. Every year, the 3/3" or "third of the third" wind would come roaring up the Congo River on cue, batter the village for a day or two, and then disappear. But things are changing. The 3/3 wind is no longer living up to its name. It's becoming unpredictable. This year, it came in February and blew ferociously for a week. People weren't ready; crops and buildings were destroyed, and two children were killed by falling trees.

03 Nov 2012

Transport is playing a big role in delivering economic development to Africa. But as the demand for transport grows and cities expand, policy makers need to tackle transport challenges to make sure that all parts of society can benefit from this central driver of jobs and growth. Transport policies in Africa are of critical importance to the delivery of sustainable cities, healthy citizens and poverty eradication,” says Dr Dieter Schwela from Stockholm Environment Institute at the University of York.

29 Oct 2012

The objective of this study is to assist public authorities to identify and address the future challenges of urban water supply, sanitation, and flood management in cities. In order to do that, this report uses the conceptual framework of Integrated Urban Water Management (IUWM) as a holistic set of planning and management tools incorporating all components of the urban water cycle to help develop efficient and flexible urban water systems in the future.


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