Capturing the Biological and Cultural Diversity in the Coral Triangle: Regional

Total Project Cost: $471,165
PEP Funding: $130,100
Approval Date: 5 November 2010
Main Project Partner(s): WWF International
Project Officer: Bruce Dunn, RSDD
Type of Intervention: Analytical study
Status: Completed

Summary: The Coral Triangle is a 272-page book that showcases the people, places, and marine ecosystems that make this region truly remarkable. Published by ADB and the World Wide Fund for Nature, the book documents an 18-month expedition by award-winning photographer Jürgen Freund and Stella-Chiu Freund. It was launched in two high-profile events. On October 2011, the first launch was held in Jakarta, Indonesia during the CTI 7th Senior Officials Meeting and Ministerial Meeting. A second launch was held in Washington, D.C. USA on November 2011 during the Global Environment Facility Council Meeting.

Poverty-Environment Linkage: This project aimed to build support and partnerships for the Coral Triangle Initiative by highlighting the value of coral reefs and other coastal and marine ecosystem in building climate change resilience and supporting livelihoods and cultures in the region. The area's marine and coastal resources are at immediate risk from a range of factors, including the impacts of climate change, over-fishing, unsustainable fishing methods, and land-based sources of pollution, threatening the livelihoods of more than 120 million people.

Expected Outputs: The Coral Triangle book