04 Aug 2014

African agriculture, long seen as a grueling subsistence activity, now seems to a growing number of young people like something that could be a modern and profitable business activity.

04 Aug 2014

Members of Lower Kamula Youth Group in Western Kenya are shaking up their community as they are staying put while empowering other young people in the area to embrace a bright future as farmers.

04 Aug 2014

Persistent vulnerability threatens human development, and unless it is systematically tackled by policies and social norms, progress will be neither equitable nor sustainable.

01 Aug 2014

The Secretariat of the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture has published online the booklet “Enabling Farmers to Face Climate Change” which provides an overview of the characteristics and main activities of the projects that are being implemented as part of th

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04 Aug 2014

This new report seeks to make us understand that as we change the environment, we may also make ourselves more vulnerable to disease.  It explores the interconnectivity of climate, health, poverty, and prosperity and outlines some of the key risks that climate change poses to animal health, human

22 Jul 2014

This report, by Chatham House – the home of the Royal Institute of International Affairs – together with India’s Observer Research Foundation, and similar partner organizations explores domestic water management and transboundary water issues in five countries – Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Ne

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Poverty Environment Partnership

The Poverty Environment Partnership is an informal network of development agencies, which seeks to improve the coordination of work on poverty reduction and the environment.

Poverty-Environment Initiative

The Poverty-Environment Initiative (PEI) of the United Nations Development Programme and the United Nations Environment Programme supports country-led efforts to address poverty-environment linkages on a global scale.

Poverty and Environment Program

The Poverty and Environment Program (PEP) of the Asian Development Bank promotes the mainstreaming of environment objectives in its poverty reduction strategies, programs, and projects.

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01 Aug 2014

For too long, the international community has neglected the instrumental role smallholder farmers can play in providing food and reducing poverty in the developing world.

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